Welcome to Sevan, I'd like to take a few moments to talk about who I am, and what Sevan stands for.

Who am I?

My name is Iian Kehn, I am the one responsible for a majority of what goes on here at Sevan. I have been doing media for almost 11 years now, ranging from podcasting, to videos I've posted on the internet.

I am a tech journalist, developer, musician, avid video editor, and whatever else comes around. I love technology, and everything it encompasses.

What is Sevan?

Sevan started out as a personal blog, and evolved into a portfolio of projects that I have worked on over the past 11 years. Sevan today is more then just a portfolio, it is my brand, and what I represent.

Sevan will also very soon be launching t-shirts and coffee mugs, which will begin as a test, and hopefully evolve into something more permanent in the future. I am planning on growing Sevan beyond just videos, but news content and reviews as well.

Places you can find me

Music Discovery

Looking for music? It's moved over here!

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